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What should my architect be doing during the Architectural Design Phase Phase?

Feb 8

What should my architect be doing during the Architectural Design Phase Phase?

By Cedar Park Home Remodels

According to our experience, homeowners approach custom homebuilding from one of two perspectives:

  • First, start designing your home with an architect. Then wait until you have plans in place to select a builder.

  • Path 2 - At the START stage of the architectural design process, establish a team of architects, builders, and interior designers.

Most people think that Path 1 is the most logical way to go. Create a house, then price it out, make choices, and finally build it. This process seems very simple if it's your first time. However, many homeowners find that following this path can lead to frustration.

You are wondering if it is better to hire an architect than a builder. Find out how to find out.

Path 1 will, at best, delay the construction process a little as homeowners rush for the first stage of design selections. Next, they must update their architectural AND engineering plans with the new selections.

Worst of all, the homeowner learns that the home they have chosen to build is not possible due to budget constraints. This can often lead to expensive architectural revisions or the painful decision to end the dream home.

Both of these scenarios have happened to us many times in our thirty years as custom home builders. Path 2 is the choice of more homeowners as they learn more about the custom home building before making their first move.

They're listening to all the experts and assembling their dream team: architect, builder, interior designer, and engineer EARLY. This ensures that construction can be started quickly and efficiently, and is also more fun and collaborative.

With that in mind, here are the things your custom-builder should be doing DURING the architectural designing phase.

  • Work closely with your interior designer and architect
  • Keeping plan development on schedule
  • Unique design ideas based upon their personal home building experience
  • A preliminary estimate is prepared following the early design of your home.
  • Provides valuable insight and expertise in the construction industry
  • Offering cost-saving and value engineering options
  • high-performance home specifications
  • Potential constructability problems can be mitigated
  • Assuring home design alignment with budget
  • Incorporating universal design elements to allow for aging-in-place
  • The interior designer will have a clear plan for making decisions.
  • Facilitating the civil engineering and structural processes
  • Preparing submission packs for municipality permitting and HOA approval
  • Begin the extensive bidding process
  • You can get a headstart on any pre-construction tasks which don't require HOA approval or a permit.

Keep in mind that there is so much your custom builder can do during the architectural designing phase. Your builder will make sure that your design and budget align. They will also make certain that your home is moving smoothly from the architectural phase to the pre-construction or construction phases. A trusted custom builder will be there to help you navigate the whole process. The custom home-building journey can be fun, creative, collaborative, enjoyable, and easy!


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