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Jun 5

Long lasting pavement surfaces make smart property investments, whether you are looking to construct a driveway, road, or parking lot. The integrity of your project can be ensured by professional pavement installation. Low-cost paving is not always the best option for quality and durability. Below is the step-by-step process for a durable and long-lasting pavement installation.

Step 1. Find a reliable contractor for paver installation

Review sites are a great way to filter out paving contractors that can do the job correctly. This is an essential step to ensure a durable installation of pavement. Budgeting properly is key to hiring a reliable paving contractor. You should compare the prices and get testimonials. A fair price is a guarantee that you won't overpay or underpay your contractor.

Consider your options and request testimonials.

Step 2 Remove the old surface or make new asphalt

To determine the best plan of action, the right contractor for paving will conduct a thorough inspection. To start a durable pavement installation, the first step is to remove any asphalt, concrete, gravel or pavers. If you are only looking to remove a part of the asphalt, milling may be an option.

Make sure to inspect the old surface thoroughly before you decide on the best action plan.

If you are replacing a driveway, private road or parking lot, it is better to remove the old one completely. Before you begin the new installation, it is crucial to clear away all debris.

Step 3: Ensure Proper Grading, Sloping & Drainage

This stage of the pavement installation requires great care and precision. As proper drainage is essential for the longevity of your pavement, most reputable paving contractors will consider this step. Proper drainage is crucial for pavement surfaces that are subject to water damage. Your future savings on repairs will depend on the grading and slope of your new driveway, private road, or parking area.

Step 4. Focus on compacting the soil and other surfaces

A drum roller will be used for this part of the long-lasting pavement installation. A professional machine and the implementation of this step will ensure a compact roll in base soil. A properly compacted sub-base improves pavement application and provides a stable surface.

This step requires professional machinery and is implemented by professionals.

Prior to moving onto the next step, you should repair any areas that are soft. There are many ways to repair these areas. These options include plowing, geo-grid and undercutting. A reliable contractor will ensure that all areas are well-defined and that the aggregate mixture is compact.

5: Surfacing

5A: Use Crushed Rock to Cover Base & Let Settle

Gravel, or crushed rock, is applied to the surface that has been previously rolled, and compacted. The thickness of the crushed rock or gravel depends on whether the subbase is sandy or clay based. For a sandy sub-base, you will need approximately 4inches of crushed rock. Clay-based subbases will require approximately 8inches.

It is an optional step, but contractors often recommend that the gravel or crushed rock settle. Depending on the length of the project, the amount of time that the gravel needs to settle can vary.

5B. Applying Binder to New Long-Lasting Pavement Surface

The binding and surfacing of durable pavement installations involves the application of aggregate with oil. This allows for a durable and long-lasting surface. Your new pavement installation's integrity will depend on how well this step is applied.

Step 6

There are two types of asphalt pavement: residential and commercial. Residential surfaces like driveways can withstand less traffic and require a thinner layer of asphalt. The thickness of the layer is critical for durability. The size ranges from 3/8 to 3/4 inches for asphalt aggregate.

There are many factors that affect the size and thickness of asphalt pavements.

Step 7: Roll New Asphalt Surface

After you have laid the asphalt, the drum roller will be used. The professional roller compacts any asphalt already installed. Installing a compact layer aggregate on the pavement will ensure a long-lasting installation. It is important to consider the equipment when hiring a reliable contractor. A professional paver process is guaranteed by a high-quality roll.

Roll your new asphalt.

8: Curving & Pavement Edging

The edging of the new pavement surface is done after the application and rolling new asphalt. Similar to rolling, this is a method of compacting and improving the durability of new pavement. There are many options for pavement edging. Ask your contractor for details. You can do traditional pavement edging, or you can do edging to improve durability and aesthetics.

Enhances the durability and aesthetics of your product by using edging

Your new pavement surface will be protected by curving. Different shapes are used for different pavement surfaces. The proper curve of your driveway, private roads, or parking lot is crucial for a durable pavement installation. Curving the new pavement at the right angles improves vehicle traffic flow and protects against future damage.

Step 9 Protect Your New Pavement Installation with Sealcoating

Sealcoating your pavement is also an essential step to protect it. The durability of pavement depends on the maintenance and sealing after installation. Sealcoating in the summer and fall is recommended for areas that are most susceptible to cold weather.

Sealcoat the pavement and keep it clean.

10: Pavement Striping

Pavement striping is commonly used in commercial paving projects. This allows for optimal vehicle traffic and parking area markings. Although it does not protect the pavement's durability, local laws may require that striping be done on private roads.

Pavement striping maximizes vehicle traffic.

As it is our aim to educate and serve you as much as we can, our team hopes that you found this article useful. Learn more about building and maintenance of property in our educational blog.

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