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Questacon - National Science and Technology

Aug 18

About Questacon - National Science and Technology

The Questacon Center is an interactive science centre that began as a project of the Australian National University (ANU), in spare space at Ainslie Public School. It opened with 15 exhibits and was staffed entirely by volunteers, inspired by their successes abroad: "We wanted to create something unique for Australia," says Mike Gore AM - one half of this duo that has developed our country's first-ever such facility based on what you'll find here!

Imagine the most interesting museum in Australia, then imagine it being even more interactive and educational. That's not just some crazy dream - this is a reality at Questacon! With 200+ exhibits designed for children and adults alike to enjoy together or individually, there are always new things happening here that will inspire your inner explorer while teaching them something new along the way, too (and we aren't talking science solely).


What to do in Questacon - National Science and Technology

Questacon is an Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. They're responsible for communicating science to people all over the world through hands-on exhibits and other engaging activities that will fill you with excitement!
The mission statement at Questacn entails sharing knowledge in innovative ways so we can achieve breakthroughs together - one day closer to making our world better tomorrow than today.

In its 25 years, the Questacon Science Circus has engaged with more than 100k people and travelled 25 thousand kilometres. They've run 600 professional development courses for teachers while also visiting 30 remote aboriginal communities as well hospitals or nursing homes in order to provide outreach services that support learning about science at home!

The Centre features a number of performance spaces, used for presentations by Questacon's in-house theatre troupe and the "Excited Particles". The centre also houses an interactive science area where children can perform experiments with different materials or engage virtual reality labs to explore strange planets!

The Questacon

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