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Wattamolla Beach

Aug 29

About Wattamolla Beach

Wattamolla Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Australia, and it's only 50 kilometres from Sydney. The views at this serene spot are perfect for taking long walks along pristine sand dunes or just relaxing under an umbrella with your toes soaking up some sun!

If you and your family are pining for some time in the sun, head to the Wattamolla picnic area. With plenty of options available, no one will be left wanting when they visit!
The Royal National Park provides an opportunity not only to explore but also to relax at its many scenic spots like this one located near Sydney Cove, where there are good hiking opportunities as well as beachfront locations perfect just before sunset unsuspecting photography sessions.

Watts park

What to do in Wattamolla Beach

The kids will have a blast in the lagoon, snorkelling and swimming. There's plenty of space for them to play near some palms while you take advantage of this amazing opportunity with your picnic under one! You can also head over or grab a rod - fishing isn't allowed everywhere else, so get ready in your home country Launcha Boy! After enjoying a picnic lunch on the beach, it's time for some seaside strolls. To start your adventure off right and in style, go ahead and find that special someone who loves sea Eagles or Oystercatchers most among all else!

Wattamolla Falls is a great spot to start your day exploring Wattamolla. Located next door to the parking area, it's hard not to be drawn in by its majestic beauty and tempting offer - but don't jump! You can easily spend hours just sitting on top or enjoying views through one of many benches spread across this vast reserve.

Wattamolla Beach and Lagoon. This serene lagoon is the perfect spot for a relaxing day at the beach. Head down to this path that leads right into it, or take a left when you get access from your car parking space overlooking all of the watts falls! Once there, head out onto one side where there will be rocks jutting up high above water level. Continuing past them towards more scenic views, including ones atop either waterfall if done correctly.


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