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Bouddi National Park

Oct 6

About Bouddi National Park

The diverse landscapes of the Bouddi National Park offer a spectacular view, with views that go on for days. The popular walk and run event lets you enjoy this paradise in full comfort--whether it is along established paths or not!

The views in this park are absolutely breathtaking, and there's so much to explore! You'll find beautiful trails that lead you through native forests right by the ocean, where waves crashing against rocks create moisture-condensed droplets on their surfaces. If hiking isn't your thing, but camping or fishing might be more up your alley, then take note because they have plenty of spots available too.

Bouddi National park

What to do at Bouddi National Park

The Bouddi coastal walk is a beautiful place to visit if you're looking for some peace and quiet with your friends or family. The views are incredible. There's plenty of space in which to go swimming or fishing by boat - not forgetting that it’s only an hour away from Sydney!

If you’re looking for a scenic coastal walk that is also easy on your wallet, then the 8km Bouddi trail should be at the top of the list. This relatively short but diverse hike provides guests with sweeping views and inviting picnic spots along its length - making it one-of-a-kind experience not to miss out!

The photo opportunities around every corner on the Bouddi coastal walk are endless. You could see wildflowers or migrating whales from Gerrin Point lookout, along with PS Maitland shipwreck at the eastern end of Bay near Little Beach campsite if you're looking to stay overnight before continuing your journey into nature's beauty that awaits just outside Putty beach camping ground!


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