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When should I stain my concrete floor?

Oct 10

There are many color options available when staining. Water-based stains are more vibrant than acid stains. They come in a variety of earth tones. Colors can often be modified by mixing or diluting with other colors.


Is stained concrete expensive?

The cost to stain concrete depends upon factors like the size of the project, current concrete condition, and where you live. Staining concrete floors is often more affordable than other flooring options like wood or stone. Get a quote from a concrete driveway repair tampa

Is stained concrete susceptible to peeling?

No. Saint concrete doesn't peel like paint because it penetrates the concrete surface. Learn more about concrete staining vs. concrete floor paint.

Is stained concrete durable?

Yes. Concrete can be stained correctly so that it doesn't chip or fade. Concrete can be treated the same as any other flooring, even though it looks stunning.

Stain concrete indoors or outdoors?

Stain concrete can be used indoors or outdoors. Allied Concrete

can help you decide which sealer to use for stained concrete so that it looks great no matter how much foot traffic it receives indoors and in harsh outdoor weather.

Stain concrete is suitable for garage floors.

While staining is possible, we recommend epoxy coatings for garage flooring. Epoxies are resistant to hot tires, mower blades, shovels and oil spillages.


For a customized look, try SunH20. This concrete stain is water-based and can be mixed with many colors.


Sunday offers faster drying times and more economical options for color concrete. You can mix it with water for more color variation or acetone to create a dark monotone look.

Learn more about the differences between staining concrete and dying concrete.

Concrete staining


  • Although staining concrete can be done yourself, it is best to hire a professional. These are the steps to apply the stain. Details will vary depending on the product used and the project. Clean the surface. Power wash to remove all contaminants.
  • Let the surface dry completely. Any signs of moisture or water should be removed from the surface.
  • Prepare the product. Follow the instructions. Mix with water to get a more varied tone.
  • Use products. This step will vary depending on whether your concrete floor is stained or dyed.
  • Keep the temperature at the right level. Please wait until the stain is dry completely before applying it.
  • Seal. Use a sealer to preserve and protect your freshly colored concrete.


Follow the instructions carefully for any product you choose to use. This information is not intended to be used as a guideline for how to color your floor. We recommend that you hire an experienced contractor because there are many details involved in staining concrete. The method of applying the sealer and how it is used can have an impact on the final color. 


Although concrete floors are not maintenance-free, it is possible to maintain stained concrete floors. You should invest in a quality sealer. There are many sheen options for sealers, from matte to high gloss. You can wipe up spills quickly, and they won't penetrate to the surface. A local contractor will be happy to advise you about the best sealer for your floor.